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“Introduce SAR Infosoft services and encourage your friends/relatives etc. to purchase software from SAR Infosoft and get commission.”

What is referral partner?
Referral partners are the person/organization, which “referrer” their contacts to buy services from company. A referral partner get commission for every reference when deal completed.

What are the benefits of being referral partner?

Who can be a referral partner?
Any person or organization.

What referral partner need to do?
Introduce SAR Infosoft services and encourage your friends/relatives etc. to purchase software from SAR Infosoft. In simple words "Bring Client to SAR Infosot"

What are the responsibilities of a referral partner?
Nothing, it’s only 1 time activity to make communication between customer & SAR Infosoft.

Who will provide technical support?
SAR Infosoft and tie-up companies will handle all the technical things.

What a referral partner need to know about software’s?
A referral partner only need to know about basic use & features of software which help them to promote it. All the basic details available on our website.

How much commission referral partner will receive?

When referral partner get commission?
We provide commission within 24 hours, after getting payment from referred customer. We need your bank account details for this.

How to become a referral partner?
To become a referral partner, email us your following details on contact@sarinfosoft.com :-

What happen if 2 person referred the same client?
SAR Infosoft team properly maintain the records for every referral partner and referred customer. In this kind of case we provide commission to the partner who provided lead first.

Is SAR Infosoft a legal organization?
Yes, it is registered organization since 2009 and working all over India regularly. We always do legal billing (with taxes) etc. hence our partners will never face any legal issue. We are providing commission, which is legal and non-risky for our partners.